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Village Municipal Tax Down 6% From 2007



Archbold municipal income tax generated $321,186.52 during October, off $120,420.33, or about 27.27%, from October 2007.

In year-to-date figures, at the end of October the 1.5% municipal income tax had raised $3,497,848.27, which is off $226,285.10, or about 6.08%, from the same 10-month time period in 2007. Last year, the total January-through-October collection was $3,724,133.37.


Joan Lovejoy, village finance director, told Archbold Village Council members at the Monday night, Nov. 3, meeting two major employers in the village went from doing their own payroll to hiring an outside service.

When companies make the switch, sometimes the money withheld from paychecks is submitted a month later.

Such was the case earlier in the year when one major employer outsourced its payroll services.

“When those two others come in during November, it may make a dent” in the muni tax shortfall, she said.

Because the December collection is traditionally relatively small, Lovejoy told council members by the end of November, village officials will have a clearer picture of the tax revenue available.

Vs. 2006?

Jeff Fryman, councilman, said the muni tax gross receipts for 2008 are down nearly threequarters of a million dollars compared to 2006. Dennis Howell, Archbold Village administrator, said 2006 was Archbold’s best year ever for income tax revenue.

Between January and October during 2006, the municipal income tax generated $4,141,669.52. That’s $653,821.41, or about 15.7%, more than the same time period in 2008.

When village officials closed the books on 2006, the tax revenue was $4,876,555.99.

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