Archbold, OH

Village May Be New Site For Cell Tower

The Village of Archbold is one of four landowners in the running for a new 200-foot cell phone tower for the Alltel company.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said the company is proposing constructing the three-legged, selfsupporting tower on villageowned property.

He declined to identify the site.

He said Alltell is also in talks with three other property owners about providing a location.

Ed Leininger, councilman, said any cell tower project should include a provision in the contract that calls for increased rent payments if the cell phone company decides to increase capabilities of tower.

Howell said Mark Hagans, village legal solicitor, has a standard form he uses, which includes such a provision.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, told council he is working on arranging a three-way joint meeting between the Fulton County commissioners, German Township trustees, and the village.

No date was chosen.

Council met in executive session about 15 minutes to discuss real estate. No action when council returned to regular session.

Village officials also are working with property owners on a potential problem on South Defiance Street.

Over the years, semi trucks have turned the corner too sharply to go into the Archbold McDonald’s truck parking lot. In doing so, they have created a large hole, that threatens a Toledo Edison pole. The pole, and a guy wire, are on private property.

Howell said a letter has gone out to the landowners.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said street project work is underway.

Crews installing the 78-inch drain pipe for the Lafayette Street extension are installing about 250 feet of the approximately 2,000 foot storm sewer line, he said. However, when crews have to install manholes or build underground structures, construction slows.

Work is underway on the Union Street reconstruction. Trees have been removed to make way for the roadway.

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