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Village Income Tax Results Close Gap



Donna Dettling, Archbold village administrator, told Village Council the village income tax collection is closing the gap.

Speaking during the Monday, Oct. 7 council meeting, Dettling said the differences between the 2018 year-todate collection and 2019 was down to just 1.78%.

The 1.5% municipal income tax is collected on earnings of those who work in the village and the net profits of businesses in the village.

Of the 1.5%, 1.25% goes toward the village, while .25% is directed to the Archbold Park Board to fund the operations of the Parks & Recreation Department.

The year-to-date collection has lagged behind 2018 for most of the year.

In January, it was down almost 14%. It recovered to 3.81% ahead in February, but has lagged for the remaining seven months. Since July, the collection has fallen short of 2018 by 4.16%, then 2.15% in August, and 1.78% in September.

Dettling told council she was very optimistic the village would reach revenue projections for the year.