Archbold, OH

Village Council To Seek Sewer Repair Bids

Archbold Village Council will seek bids for the repair of a more than 2,000-foot section of sanitary sewer pipeline without digging up and replacing it.

The process is referred to as lining the pipeline. Council approved accepting bids at its Monday, May 2 meeting.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said there are two methods of lining a sewer line. The first, known as “fold and form,” involves inserting a folded plastic liner inside the old pipe, then using steam to unfold the liner and expand it into place.

The second process, called “cure in place,” uses a liner that is pulled through the length of the pipe, then is expanded with hot air.

Both processes result in a liner that is so strong the old pipe can be broken away, with the liner becoming the pipe itself.

Seaman said the pipeline in place now was installed in 1970. The section in question, known as the Brush Creek sanitary sewer, extends along Brush Creek from a lift station near the southeast corner of the South Defiance Street Brush Creek bridge to the Woodland Oaks subdivision.

While the sections of pipe are in good shape, Seaman said ground water is leaking into the sanitary system through bad joints. After heavy rains last week, enough water was getting into the sanitary system to cause problems for the village wastewater treatment plant.

Seaman said village engineers estimate cost of lining the pipeline at $90,000.

While the cost of lining an old pipe and replacing it with new would be roughly the same, Seaman said lining a pipeline is faster, and can be done without disturbing the soil.

Councilmen approved transferring $100,000 from the village income tax fund to the street maintenance fund. Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said the money will go for continued operation of the Street Department.

Councilmen also reviewed the April zoning report. The report states permits were granted for four new fences and an above-ground swimming pool.

Seaman said recent rains have stopped work on the Lafayette Street extension. He said crews from Miller Brothers Construction began working again yesterday, Tuesday, or today, Wednesday.

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