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Village Council Protests Unemployment Glitch

Archbold Village Council has signed a letter to state officials complaining about a glitch in the state unemployment insurance program.

Council signed the letter during its Monday, Feb. 7 meeting.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said the problem results when a person works part-time for the village, and then fulltime for another company.

If the full-time employer lays the employee off, the Ohio unemployment insurance program uses the employee’s full-time wages and his part-time, Village of Archbold wages, in calculating the person’s benefit amount.

Then the unemployment insurance program goes back to the village. The village must pay for a portion of the worker’s unemployment insurance, even though the employee still works for the village.

Howell said the situation has cropped up “a lot more recently, since the economy has been in the tank.”

The letter signed by council members was to be sent to John Kasich, Ohio governor, Cliff Hite, state senator, and Bruce Goodwin, state representative.

Howell said he would also bring the issue to the members of the Northwest Ohio Mayors & Managers Association, which represents communities throughout the area.

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