Archbold, OH

Village Council Holds Exec Session

Archbold Village Council met in executive session for about half an hour during its Monday, Nov. 8 meeting.

Stated reasons for the closed-door session were personnel and property matters.

No action resulted.

Council members also approved bids for chemicals to be used at the village water and wastewater treatment plants.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, noted some of the chemical prices went up, while others went down.

He said sodium chloride went up 263%, but added the two plants haven’t used any of the material in three years.

In discussing a meeting of the council utility committee, Howell said the committee approved designing a treatment system for trihalomethanes.

Trihalomethanes are a byproduct of treating drinking water with chlorine. Recently, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency stiffened its standards on trihalomethanes.

Without a treatment system, Howell said the village water treatment plant cannot meet the new OEPA regulation.

Kevin Eicher, councilman, said the village purchased a used Ford Fusion from Car 1, Archbold.

Ed Leininger, councilman, said council’s finance committee had gone through the 2011 village budget, and “really didn’t find anything that alarming.”

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