Archbold, OH

Village Council Frustrated With Contractor Delays

“We’ve had some extra work add one day” to the East Williams North Lincoln Street reconstruction project, said Bob Seaman, village engineer, at a Monday night, Aug. 20, Archbold Village Council meeting.

Work-change directives, added to the project by the village, extended the completion date for Brooks Contracting, Inc., Perrysburg.

The end date changed from Saturday, Sept. 1, to the following day, Sept. 2.

But, said Seaman, “Right now, we’re guessing that they’re 30 days behind.”

A portion of drainage work, catch basins, and a storm sewer must be installed before the above-ground elements of the project, such as roadways, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks, can even be started.

The contract between the village and Brooks Contracting states the village will be able to collect $500 in liquidation damages from Brooks for each workday beyond the project deadline.

“Technically, I would look at Sept. 3 as the first day” the contractor would be penalized if the project is not “substantially complete,” said Seaman in a Tuesday interview.

The liquidation penalty is “based on a percentage of contract cost,” said Dennis Howell, village administrator.

Kevin Morton, councilman, said during the meeting, he’s heard complaints about the extended construction from residents on the streets.

One resident told him although there’s a $500 per-day penalty, when it’s divided by the number of people living on East Williams and North Lincoln Streets, it doesn’t go very far when compared with the inconvenience they’ve suffered, Morton said.

To remind the contractor of the agreed-upon completion date, Seaman sent what he called a “direct” letter.

“We’ve just reminded them of the terms of the contract,” he said.

As long as the company continues working, reminders are the only enforcement method available to keep the project on schedule.

“If they would cease work on the project, we would have other options,” said Seaman.

The contractor has brought in two crews to accelerate the final parts of the project, he said.- Alicia Buckenmeyer


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