Archbold, OH

Video Gaming, Hunting Gear Reported Stolen

Video gaming equipment valued at nearly $800 was reported stolen from the home of Mary Austin, 204 E. Williams St.

Austin said sometime between 3:30 and 5:30 pm, Friday, Oct. 29, someone entered her residence and took two video game consoles, wireless game controllers, three video games, and a blue and gold Archbold High School gym bag.

All told, the value of the missing items is about $755.

Also missing was $15 in cash.

Forced Entry?

Initially, it was thought there was no forced entry into the home, but Martin Schmidt, Archbold police chief, said later, a cut window screen valued at $10 was found.

The incident is still under investigation.

Hunting Gear

Travis Diller, East Gardens, told Archbold Police on Tuesday, Oct. 26 that on Sunday, Oct. 24, he sprayed scent on his deer hunting equipment, put it all in a white plastic bag, and then put the equipment outside his apartment in the hallway.

When he went to get the bag, it was missing.

It was determined a neighbor took the bag thinking it was trash.

Schmidt said the neighbor has agreed to “make it right,” either returning or paying for the equipment.

Total value of the items taken, including a set of three hunting knives, was $340.

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