Archbold, OH

Vehicle Vandalisms Reported To Police

A vehicle or vehicles driving off the roadway did damage to two areas in Archbold.

Police reports said sometime between Monday, Dec. 21, and Monday, Dec. 28, an unknown vehicle drove through the lawn at the Archbold Evangelical Church, cutting ruts in the grass and striking a small tree.

A similar incident was discovered at the church Thursday, Dec. 31. Sometime between 9:30 pm, Dec. 30, and 6:56 am, Dec. 31, a vehicle drove through the landscaping, running over two trees. One was struck in the previous incident.

Also, it appeared the same vehicle drove into the church-owned parking lot on Park Street, then drove out through some landscaping, damaging two bushes.

In another incident, Caroline Hancock, 1107 North Buehrer Street, reported a vehicle drove through her lawn sometime between 10 pm, Friday, Jan. 1, and 6 am, Saturday, Jan. 2.

Upon further investigation, a vehicle traveled through all the lawns of residences on the west side of the 1100 block of North Buehrer Street. The vehicle crossed West Lugbill Road, drove into the lawn at 1201 South Buehrer Street, and then drove back into the street at 1203 South Buehrer Street.

A similar incident, in the same neighborhood Tuesday, was reported to police. It was believed in that instance the damage was done Dec. 5-6.


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