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Vase Basics: Matching Flowers And Containers

The right vase can help accentuate the beauty of flowers.

The right vase can help accentuate the beauty of flowers.

Using the right container for favorite flowers is like finding the perfect picture frame for a cherished photograph; it enhances the entire look.

The flowers are the main attraction but it is the container that sets the stage.

The shape and size of a vase dictates the final look, feel and design of an arrangement.

Depending on their characteristics sturdy or weak stems, single or multiple blossomsflowers “show” better in vases that play to their unique features.

Here are some expert tips on how to select the petal-perfect vase:

•Tall Cylinder. Good for “line flowers” such as gladioli, snapdragons, larkspurs, liatrice and delphiniums. A simple vertical vase emphasizes the flowers’ long, straight stems and multiple blossoms.

•Trumpet or Tulip-Shaped Vases, also known as a “Tumbler.”

Good for roses, lilies, irises, gerberas, sunflowers and other flowers with unique blooms. Collects stems at the bottom of the container and then allows the beautiful blooms to fan out at the wider top.

•Ginger Jar and Urn. Good for minigerberas, roses, asters, lisianthus, freesia, Queen Anne’s lace or minicarnations.

This vase is especially good for flowers with thinner, less rigid stems. The reason: The top of the vase collects the stems into a smaller bundle and the flowers can then be supported while reaching out over the edge of the vase.

•Bubble Bowl or Low- and Wide-Mouthed Vases. Good for flowers with big blooms such as lilies, irises, sunflowers and gerbera daisies.

The easiest ways to enjoy big blooms are to float them or contain a smaller vessel inside the large one.

•Remember, these are guidelines, not rules; feel free to use any container that can hold water, even teapots and pitchers.

Anything that meets your needs, taste, personality and decor will work just fine!

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