Archbold, OH

Vandalism Reported

Four incidents involving the work of vandals were reported to Archbold police last week.

Two involved vandalism to autos.

Bruce and Lana Showman, 109 Garden Dr., reported their mini-pickup had its passenger side scratched, plus other marks were left on the vehicle. The damage is believed to occur sometime between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm, Sunday, Aug. 8.

Don Leininger, 420 Park St., reported someone scratched two vehicles that were parked on the street in front of his residence. The damage is believed to have occurred sometime between 10:30 am, Friday, Aug. 6, and 11:55 am, Monday, Aug. 9.

Phil Grieser, 416 North Pointe Dr., told police someone damaged a window at his home sometime between midnight, Monday, Aug. 9, and midnight the following day.

Officers said it appeared the damage had been done by a bb or other small projectile, damaging only the outer pane of the double-pane window.

Erin Eickmeier, a resident of Fox Chase, reported someone came onto her property, turned on an outside faucet and left it running, leaving water standing in the yard.

She reported the incident about 9:34 pm Saturday, Aug. 14.

The report estimated the faucet could have been turned on as early as 1 pm. that day.

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