Archbold, OH

Value The Work

It is human nature to want something for nothing. Whether it’s food, clothing, or information, no one wants to pay for what they want.

But it’s also human nature to want to receive value for one’s work. In today’s world, everyone must trade their labor in order to obtain the things needed to survive.

Like all business in the current economic times, newspapers are struggling, and this publication is no exception. Long-term survival is, at this point, an open question.

For democracy to survive, newspapers must survive, because democracy cannot survive without an informed electorate.

Radio and television can’t do the job because they rely on the journalists to do the “legwork,” the day-to-day reporting.

The Internet is reputed to be the new source of news. Internet culture calls for free content. People resist paying for information via the Internet.

One alternative is the blogger, but bloggers are mostly playing a big game of “telephone” in which each story, true or not, is echoed back and forth until it becomes so loud it has to be true.

Just as the professional athlete or race-car driver is paid, the culture needs to change so the local newspaper is paid for its work, and survives.

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