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Upgrade Glitch Affects 1500 RTEC Email Accounts

Persons who use RTEC Communications as their Internet service provider found themselves without email service last Thursday, Aug. 21.

Jayma Gobrogge, marketing director for the firm, said the problem continued off and on during Friday, Aug. 22, and Saturday, Aug. 23, as well.

The problem began at the COMNET network operations center in Wapakoneta, when technicians there attempted to install a software update.

The update created the problems.

Core Process Issue

David Gobrogge, assistant manager, said the outage was specifically caused by “a core process issue.”

The core process issue resulted in database file corruption within the email server farm.

“Therefore, emails were not being sent and received as usual. No emails were lost due to the problems; however, there was much delay in sending and receiving them,” said D. Gobrogge.

“Since Thursday, the RTEC network operations center, COMNET, has been working with vendor engineers in Australia to resolve the problem.”

D. Gobrogge said COMNET reported, “There are multiple levels of redundancy within the server farm, but this error was at the core operating system layer.”

“The core process issue not only affected RTEC’s 1,500 email accounts, as well as other hosted email services that RTEC provides for its customers, but also nearly 30,000 email accounts across different domains of Ohio.”


A scheduled 15-minute email service outage for maintenance was performed at 4 am, yesterday, Tuesday.

At that time, D. Gobrogge said a software “patch” developed by the Australian firm was put in place.

“We are hoping this patch is the patch to fix everything,” he said.

Once the email issues are totally resolved, a complete report on the problem is expected from COMNET.

“This will help us understand what caused the problem,” he said. The report will say “what was done to fix the issues and what will be done to make sure that this will never happen again.”–David Pugh

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