Archbold, OH

Update: National Weather Services Confirms Tornadoes In Henry County

            The National Weather Service reported Friday, June 14 that four separate tornadoes, with wind speeds as high as 95 miles per hour, struck in Henry County Wednesday, June 12.

             No significant damage has been reported in Archbold or the Archbold area, although the area was under a tornado warning that night.

            Damage was found in or near the towns of Malinta, New Bavaria, and Hamler. At least two barns were destroyed, homes were damaged, and in Hamler, NWS officials reported widespread tree and power line damage.

            All the damage was done between approximately 11:55 pm June 12, and 12:03 am the following day.-Posted 3:51 pm 6.14.13

            NWS officials reported:

            •A EF 0 (zero rating on the Enhanced Fujita scare) tornado, with wind speeds estimated at 85 mph, touched down about 3 miles southeast of New Bavaria, destroying a barn. The tornado became what NWS officials call “outflow dominant” shortly after touchdown, producing straight-line winds that damaged trees and roofs for over a mile from the tornado’s path, which was about 50 yards long.

            •Straight line winds, estimated at 90 mph, struck Hamler at about 11:57 pm, doing damage to an area 2 1/2 miles long and one mile wide, causing extensive tree and power line damage.

            •An EF 1 tornado, wind speeds estimated at 95 mph, touched down at 11:59 am about a mile north of Hamler, and continued along the ground for about four-tenths (.4) of a mile. A barn was destroyed, several tree trunks snapped.

            •An EF 1 tornado touched down about 2.3 miles southeast of Malinta, destroying one barn, and damaging a barn and a home. The tornado followed a path about two-tenths (.2) of a mile long.

            •An EF 0 tornado touch down about 2.7 miles southeast of Malinta at 12:03 am. Described as a small, multi-vortex tornado, it damaged a pole barn, and uprooted several trees as it moved a long about a four-tenths (.4) of a mile path.

            NWS officials also confirmed an EF 0 tornado near Willshire, in Van Wert County, and straight-line winds ranging from 60 to 100 near Wabash, Ind.Posted 3:52 pm 6.14


            A tornado warning for the Archbold area, issued Wednesday night, June 12, was spawned by a radar observation.

            That’s what Michael Skipper, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in North Webster, Ind., said Thursday morning.

            Skipper said the on-duty radar operator, knowing environmental conditions could support a tornado, saw indicators in the radar signal that pointed a possible tornado west of Stryker.

            That operator issued the tornado warning for southern Fulton County, southeastern Williams County, northeastern Defiance County, and northern Henry County at 8:59 pm.

            The warning said, “At 8:56 pm, a severe thunderstorm capable of producing a tornado was located near Stryker, and was moving east at 30 miles per hour.”

            The storm was expected to hit Archbold around 9:15 pm.

            There was no visual confirmation.

            Andy Brodbeck, Archbold Fire Department chief, said AFD weather spotters did see some low-hanging clouds, with some rotation, but it quickly dissipated.

            As of Thursday morning, there were not reports of damage in and around Archbold. 

            NWS did record reports of hail in the Williams County community of Pulaski at about 8:30 pm. A second report from Pulaski mentions thunderstorm winds.

            Brodbeck said he received no reports of damage.

            Tracy Zuver, Fulton County Sheriff Department chief deputy, said he was unaware of any storm damage in Fulton County. A Henry County sheriff dispatcher had no damage reports in the Ridgeville area, but there were reports of trees damaged in the Hamler area.

            The Williams County Central Communications Office had no storm damage reports.-Posted 10:34 am 6.14.13

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