Archbold, OH

Up The Ante, Bring Company Here

For the last few months, Archbold has been locked in a struggle with an unnamed Michigan community to land a ripe economic development plum.

An unnamed company is looking for a home for a factory, which could employ up to 500 persons.

Right now, we’re behind in the competition. Michigan is making an incredible offer: a one million square-foot building, for free.

Archbold isn’t out of the running and Michigan’s deal could unravel when the environmental assessment of the building comes in.

But we cannot count on Michigan’s failure. We must have our own plan.

Archbold, with the help of Fulton County and the Ohio Department of Development, needs to ante up with powerful, creative incentives to lure the company to our village.

Village officials proved they have the credentials when they put an offer that couldn’t be refused before the Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center, and brought those jobs to town.

We certainly don’t want to “give away the farm,” but the possibility of 500 jobs, in our current depressed economy, is too good to pass up.

Everyone, the village, county, and state, need to get on board, before the 500-job train leaves the station- and the state!

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