Archbold, OH

Untidy Property Continues To Concern Village Council

Even after a cleanup effort at a 304 North Street home and property, “it’s worse than day one,” said Kevin Morton, Archbold village councilman.

The property is owned by Walter and Judy Thomas, Ariz. Their daughter and her husband, Mark and Sabrina Champ, live in the residence.

Disarray at the property has been a concern since Carma Grime, village zoning inspector, sent the Champs a letter requiring property cleanup in December 2004.

The topic resurfaced with a simple question during the Monday night, Aug. 20, village council meeting.

“Are we getting anywhere?” said Kenny Cowell, councilman.

Council expressed frustration with the continuing problem.

Jim Wyse, mayor, reported that Grime had a conversation with the Champs.

The property appearance improved after a cleanup effort by volunteers, but, said Wyse, “they go home and the mess returns.”

Keeping “pressure on the owners is key,” Morton said.


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