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Union Street Resident Complains To Council

John Smallman, 101 Union Street, discussed his concerns about the construction of his driveway approach with Archbold Village Council at its Monday night, Aug. 18 meeting.

Lingvai Construction, Bryan, is the contractor on the Union Street reconstruction project.

Smallman had several complaints. He said the driveway slope was too steep, but Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said plans called for his driveway to be sloped 6.83%, under Archbold’s design criteria of no more than 8%.

He also complained about the quality of the work being done on the project. A contractor himself, he said construction crews were preparing to pour concrete on top of mud, without any steel reinforcing rods.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said the village design parameters call for six-inch thick concrete, without reinforcement. Wyse said the quality of work issue was Smallman’s own opinion.

Smallman also said he would have two weeks notice before the contractor would be in to pour concrete; instead, they showed up last Thursday, Aug. 7 with no notification.

Smallman wanted to redo a decorative border around the driveway; council members agreed to allow Smallman to redo the border, if he could have the work done on Thursday, Aug. 21.

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