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Union Street Job Nearly Completed

Union Street reconstruction is nearly completed, Bob Seaman, Archbold village engineer, said Monday.

All that’s left, he said, is to lay the final topcoat of asphalt and finish restoring the soil around the new construction.

He said construction crews have been absent from the site for a couple of days. They’ve been pulled from Union Street to work on another project, but will be back.

Street pavement is made up of three layers of asphalt, Seaman said. The first layer, the base course, and the second, called the leveling course, have been laid. All the concrete work, curbs, and driveway approaches are completed.

Seaman said paving crews should return sometime this week to finish their work.

But the soil restoration, which includes grass seeding, may need to wait. Seaman said the contractor, Lingvai Excavating, Bryan, needs moisture in the soil before sowing grass seed.

Seaman said there were no major problems in rebuilding Union Street.

Lingvai Excavating will be paid about $918,000 for the reconstruction. The contract must be completed by Oct. 15.

Storm Sewer

Union Street was one of three major village infrastructure improvements underway in 2008.

One of the largest was the Lafayette Street storm sewer. Under that project, Anderzack- Pitzen, Metamora, will be paid about $902,000 to construct a large storm sewer from the west side of the new Archbold Evangelical Church property, south and west of Archbold High School, to a creek south of Short-Buehrer Road.

Some of the installed concrete pipe sections are over six feet in diameter.

The storm sewer will provide storm water drainage for the area, including a possible future extension of Lafayette Street to Co. Rd. 24.

Anderzack-Pitzen Crews finished most of the work early in the summer and went to other jobs. They were planning to return on Fridays to finish, but schedules did not work out, Seaman said.

Construction crews have been on the site recently. They have finished field tile connections to the new storm sewer. This week, they plan to do soil restoration and prepare for seeding.

There also is rock channel protection to complete.

The Lafayette Street storm sewer contract must be completed by Sept. 1.


Heer Excavating, Archbold, has completed the 400-foot extension of Lafayette Street to the west to serve the new church, plus construction of a few hundred feet of street to the south.

Council has not named the new north-south street.

Heer Excavating’s contract for the new streets was about $418,000. Completion is set for Oct. 15.- David Pugh

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