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Unemployment Falls Slightly In February

Unemployment in Fulton County fell by four-tenths (.4) of a percentage point during the month of February, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services announced last week.

Fulton County’s February rate was 7.8%, as estimated by ODJFS, down from the revised 8.2% figure from January. ODJFS revised Fulton County up a tenth (.1) of a point in February, from an originally announced 8.1%.

All unemployment rates in the four county area fell, but Fulton County had the largest drop. Henry and Fulton counties tied for the highest unemployment rate in the four counties in February.

Defiance County had the lowest unemployment rate in the area, estimated at 6% by ODJFS

Fulton County’s labor force was 23,300 persons in February. 21,500 were employed, and 1,800 were out of work. The number of unemployed in Fulton County during February was the largest of any in the four county area.

High, Low

Delaware County had the lowest unemployment rate in the state for February, at 4%.

The highest was Morgan County, in southeastern Ohio, where ODJFS estimated 11.1% of the labor force was out of a job.

State, Nation

All county unemployment data is not seasonally adjusted.

ODJFS estimated that for February, the unemployment rate for the State of Ohio was 6%, while the national rate was 5.2%

When seasonal adjustments are applied, the national rate is 4.8%; the Ohio rate is 5.3%.


The first President to hold an airline pilot’s license was Dwight David Eisenhower. UNEMPLOYMENT in the Four County area

County Dec07 Jan08 Feb08
Fulton 6.6 8.2 * 7.8
Defiance 5.6 6.2 6.0
Henry 6.5 7.9 * 7.8
Williams 6.0 6.3 6.1
Ohio-overall 5.8 6.3 6.0

*Revised from original announcement.

Bold type: lowest unemployment rate in the four county area. Figures are not seasonally adjusted.

Statistics are estimates from the Ohio Department

of Job & Family Services, Bureau of Labor

Market Information. Archbold Buckeye chart.

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