Archbold, OH

Uncontested Candidates On Election Day Ballot

Several candidates for public office in Fulton and Henry counties are running unopposed in the Tuesday, Nov. 4, general election.

In Fulton County, they are Paul Barnaby, county commissioner; Scott Haselman, prosecutor; Mary Gype, clerk of courts; Darrell Merillat, sheriff; Sandra Barber, recorder; Beverly Schlosser, treasurer; Frank Onweller, engineer; Harry Murtiff, coroner; Michael Bumb, probate-juvenile court judge.

In Henry County, unopposed candidates are: John Hanna, prosecutor; Judy Sonnenberg, clerk of courts; John Nye, county sheriff; Sara L. Myles, recorder; Calvin Spiess, treasurer; Randolf Germann, engineer; Marek Skoskiewicz, coroner.

Lynn Wachtmann is unopposed in his bid for reelection as the state representative of the 75th district.

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