Archbold, OH

Unauthorized Use Of Range Reported

A report of unauthorized individuals using the Archbold Police Department firing range without authorization was reported to APD.

An off-duty officer drove past the range and observed persons at the range about 6:05 pm, Sunday, May 22.

The officer notified an onduty patrolman. When the officer arrived, the persons were gone. The report noted there was slight damage to the target stands.

The range is located on Co. Rd. G, west of Co. Rd. 24 near the Archbold Tiffin River pump station. It was built many years ago. The backstop is soil from a major street project from the village.

Thom Ross, interim police chief, said the firing range is private property, owned by the village of Archbold.

On occasion, Ross said private classes for the Ohio concealed handgun carry license are allowed to use the facility, but as a general rule, the firing range is not open to the public.

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