Archbold, OH

Two AHS Students Use iPads To Cheat On Test

Royal Short, Archbold High School principal, said two AHS students used their iPads to cheat on a test.

They have been disciplined, and as a result, a function on all student iPads has been disabled.

In an interview following the Monday, Sept. 24 Archbold school board meeting, Short said one student used the “screen shot” function of the iPad to take an image of the test and emailed it to a second student, who took the test later that day.

Short said the screen shot function could be turned back on if needed.

He said school district offi cials also are looking at updating the applications, or “apps,” on the iPads, deleting those that aren’t used and adding ones that are needed.

Contrary to rumors about students using their iPads to post “unkind” things about other students and teachers, Short said he “has not seen any of that.

“Students are making videos of their friends, but not in a negative sense,” he said.

On the positive side, Short said the iPads have been used in the classrooms since the first day of school. Students and teachers are using the tablet computers to put together better presentations, with audio and video included.

Short told school board members 21 of the approximately 360 student iPads stay at school overnight.

Susan Dominique, AHS media center director, has set up a charging station where the computers are left during the night hours.

If students who are to leave their iPads at school forget and take them home, they are called into the office to discuss the situation.

Short said in some cases, the school district was taking partial payments for the $50 deposit required to take an iPad home.

Some portions of the deposits have been forgiven for students in need.

“As long as they make some effort” to pay the $50 deposit, he said.

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