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Turnpike Traffic Down, Reflecting Economy



Traffic on the Ohio Turnpike was down in 2007 compared to 2006, figures from the Ohio Turnpike Commission’s annual report indicate.

In 2006, figures show total vehicle-miles traveled by all vehicles was just over 3 billion.

The figure dropped to 2.98 billion in 2007. Roughly, the total vehicle miles traveled on the toll road was down about 61 million, or about 2%.

The downturn is also reflected in the number of vehicles flowing through area turnpike interchanges.

Exit 13, Bryan-Montpelier, and Exit 25, Archbold-Fayette, were down about 9,000 vehicles. For Exit 13, that amounts to about a 1.2% decline. For Exit 25, the percentage of decline from 2006 to 2007 was about 2%.

Exit 34, the Wauseon exit, saw the biggest decline in traffi c between 2006 and 2007. Traffic was off by about 68,000 vehicles, or about 8%.

The Delta-Lyons interchange, Exit 39, was only off about 4,000 vehicles, about seven-tenths (.7) of one percent.

Lauren Hakos, an Ohio Turnpike Commission spokesman, said traffic on the turnpike mirrors the economy.

“Traffic on the turnpike is like traffic everywhere. It’s down, due to the economy and gas prices,” she said.

She said revenue from tolls, which fund much of the turnpike operation, also is down. Turnpike commission officials have made budget adjustments to compensate for the lower revenue figures, she said.

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