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Turnpike Traffic Down At Archbold Exit 25



The Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission said 353,000 vehicles passed through Exit 25, the Archbold Fayette exit, during 2013.

That continues a trend that has been in place since traffic peaked at the interchange in 2006, when 462,000 vehicles went through.

The number of vehicles passing through the Exit 25 tollgates has dropped steadily for nine years, according to information from the annual report.

The Archbold interchange had the smallest number of vehicles passing through in 2013. The second-lowest number was at the Lordstown East interchange, Exit 216, at 426,000.

Other Exits

The Bryan-Montpelier interchange, Exit 13, has seen traffic figures go up and down. Traffic through that gate peaked at 760,000 in 2006.

The number dropped to 648,000 in 2010, held at the same level in 2011, climbed to 649,000 in 2012, then dropped to 604,000 in 2013.

The Wauseon interchange, Exit 34, peaked at 836,000 in 2006, dropped to 690,000 in 2009, then went back up to 709,000 in 2010. Traffic was down to 696,000 in 2011 and 2012 and 691,000 in 2013.

The Delta-Lyons interchange, Exit 39, peaked at 594,000 vehicles in 2006, then dropped to a low of 518,000 in 2011. The figure went up to 535,000 in 2012 and 546,000 in 2013.

Other than Eastgate and Westgate, the entrances to the turnpike at the borders of Pennsylvania and Indiana, the interchanges with the most traffic were Exit 161, Strongsville-Cleveland, and Exit 173, Cleveland.

The OTIC reported 6,733,000 through Exit 161 and 6,732,000 vehicles through Exit 173.

Each interchange had well over 7 million vehicles in 2006.

Cars, Trucks

The OTIC reported more than 50.3 million vehicles used the turnpike in 2013.

Of those vehicles, 79% were considered passenger vehicles, while 21% were commercial vehicles. The total number of vehicles was up about 1% from 2012.

Those vehicles traveled more than 2.8 billion miles on the toll road, with cars traveling about 66.9% and commercial vehicles covering 33.1% of the total distance traveled.

Total miles traveled were up about 1.8% from 2012.

Tolls paid were more than $254.6 million, up by almost $2.1 million over 2012. The increase is about eighttenths (.8%) of a percentage point.

The OTIC ended the year with roughly $104.2 million in operating income and about $54.6 million in operating expenses, ending the year with a surplus of almost $49.6 million.

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