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Trustees Set Special Meeting To Talk About Insurance

The German Township Trustees will meet at 8 am, Friday, Feb. 16, at the township garage to consider insurance.

The trustees will meet to hear a final report on which of two competing insurance plans they will select, and to sign a check for the premium.

The trustees met Monday, Feb 12, at 7:30 am. They were supposed to discuss liability insurance through The Ohio Plan with Conrad Beck of the Beck Insurance Agency.

But Beck failed to show.

Keith Short, township fiscal officer, suspected Beck may have been confused about whether the meeting was at 7:30 am or 7 pm.

Presently, the trustees are covered by the Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority.

Eddie Partin, of the Andres, O’Neil & Lowe Insurance Agency, represents OTARMA.

Short said a decision on one of the two policies must be made by Friday, because a payment to OTARMA is due that day.

The cost for a year’s coverage from OTARMA is $23,865. Short said The Ohio Plan bid, through Beck, is $18,412.

The policies are for $5 million in liability coverage.

Joe Short, a trustee who operates his own insurance business, said OTARMA will refund some money to the trustees if the township has a good claims record.

Kenneth “Skip” Leupp, president of the trustees, said OTARMA also offered a $500 safety training grant and a $1,000 allowance if the township upgrades the present policy.

J. Short said The Ohio Plan offers to credit some money back as a safety allowance after three years.

The trustees opted to have J. Short look at the two options, then will make a decision at the special meeting.


Bob Apger, cemetery sexton for German Township, shared basic information about the township cemeteries with the trustees.

He noted that when he started as sexton, nothing was written down on paper.

At that time, the township was charging rates for services (i.e., opening a grave) as they were set in 1940.

Cemetery rules were adopted based on those of the village of Archbold.

When Archbold adopted new rates in 2003, the township followed suit.

Of the four cemeteries in the township, plots are only available in two: the Johnson and Goll cemeteries.

The two other cemeteries– Wyse and Beck– are no longer being used due to a lack of records, Apger said.

There are still spaces for burials in the Goll and Johnson cemeteries.

Apger said there are about 100 spaces left in the Johnson cemetery, enough to last 40 to 50 years.

Fire Equipment

Dave Davis, Archbold fire chief, told the trustees the department aerial ladder truck, Tower 101, will be upgraded.

The truck has a large highpressure compressed tank, referred to as a “bottle,” for breathing air, and connections at the bucket at the top of the ladder. Firefighters can hook their self-contained breathing apparatus masks into the large air supply on the truck, rather than come down every 30 to 45 minutes to change their personal air supply bottle.

Davis explained when the department bought new SCBAs from a different manufacturer, the breathing air connections in the bucket were never changed.

The department retained two old masks to work with the old connections.

That, Davis said, will be changed this week.

Also, the air compressor system used to fill the highpressure air bottles is being serviced, but remains in operation.

Davis said members of the department have been measured for new turnout gear– the protective clothing worn by firefighters.

Davis also said the department is arranging service contracts for the fire trucks.

Road Report

Josh King, township road superintendent, told the trustees he and Jeff Aeschliman, road maintenance worker, “spent a lot of time on the roads.”

The two were busy plowing snow, keeping township roads open.

King said the township has plenty of ice-melting salt on hand. He said they have used about 200 tons, and he estimated there are about 150 tons in the township salt bin. Another delivery of road salt will arrive yet this spring.

The trustees clarified their meeting schedule. The trustees officially meet on the second Monday of each month at 7 pm, and on the fourth Monday at 7:30 am.

The next meeting is at 7:30 am, Monday, Feb. 26, at the German Township Garage.

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