Archbold, OH

Trustees Look At Road Striping, Co. Rd. 24

The German Township Trustees have been discussing road striping and a potential resurfacing project for Co. Rd. 24.

During a Sept. 10 meeting, the trustees opted to earmark $10,000 to stripe roads in the township where the striping was becoming difficult to see.

The trustees make arrangements with private firms to have the work done.

At the last meeting held Sept. 24, the trustees discussed the thickness of the stripes, said Mari Yoder, fiscal officer of the German Township Trustees.

At an earlier meeting, the trustees started the process of applying for State Issue II grant funds for the resurfacing of Co. Rd. 24 from Co. Rd. D to US20A.

In August, the trustees met with Jason Baden, of the Fulton County engineer office, to discuss different types of asphalt materials and thicknesses.

State Issue II grants require a local contribution or match. After discussing their available funds, the trustees decided to earmark $150,000 towards the local share of the project.


In a public hearing on Monday, Sept. 24, the German Township Zoning Board approved a variance for Carl Belknap.

Linda Lauber, who took over the post of zoning inspector from Marvin Nafziger, who retired, said Belknap wanted to construct an accessory building on his property at 22811 Burlington Gardens.

He wanted to build the structure in the side yard, but the township zoning code requires such buildings be constructed at the back of the property.

There were no objections from neighbors, she said.

Fire Department

Andy Brodbeck, Archbold Fire Department chief, updated the trustees on various fire department issues at the Sept. 10 trustee meeting.

In a recent interview, Brodbeck said the department has ordered a new outboard motor, with jet-pump conversion, for its rescue boat.

The “jet drive” uses a high-velocity stream of water to drive the boat, rather than a propeller. It is less likely to get tangled in weeds, and is safer for drivers.

The department had a small outboard for its boat, but thought the little motor was inadequate, especially when maneuvering the boat in a current.

The approximate cost of the new outboard and jet drive is $5,000, Brodbeck said.

An air compressor, specifi- cally to fill the self-contained breathing apparatus, has been installed. The unit was purchased with grant funds.

The department is tying to sell its used compressor and some old SCBA sets, Brodbeck said.

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