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Trustees Get Another Mailbox Complaint

Josh King, German Township road supervisor, told the township trustees of another complaint of a mailbox being knocked down by a snowplow recently.

King said at the Monday, Feb. 22 trustees meeting, the complaint came from a resident on Co. Rd. B-C.

King said that Jeff Aeschliman, township road maintenance worker, said he didn’t think he hit the mailbox with the plow, but could not 100% guarantee he didn’t.

At the trustees’ Feb. 8 meeting, there was discussion about another complaint about a plow damaging a mailbox. During the meeting, the trustees said there is no policy in place to replace mailboxes damaged by plows.

“It happens,” Kenneth “Skip” Leupp said at that meeting.

On The Roads

King said he and Aeschliman spent most of their time on the roads over the last two weeks, plowing snow and spreading salt.

He and Aeschliman replaced the cutting edge on one of the plow trucks and ordered a new set of plow lights, which mount above the blade.

King said the old ones were “just about shook to death.”

The “check engine” light on one of the trucks was on. The problem was traced back to a failed emission sensor. A new sensor has been ordered.

He added one of the rollup doors at the salt storage building is stuck in the up position. Workers from Nofziger Door are scheduled to repair the door.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is Monday, March 8, 6 pm, at the German Township building.