Archbold, OH

Trustees Discuss Fire-EMS Cost Split

Donna Dettling, Archbold village administrator, told the German Township Trustees village officials are currently splitting expenses for fire and emergency medical services at a ratio of 18% for fire services to 82% for EMS.

Speaking to the trustees at their Monday, Jan. 28 meeting, Dettling said for most expenses for the operation of the Archbold Fire Department, attributing 82% of the cost to EMS and 18% to fire made sense.

Paramedic and EMS operations are funded through Fulton County.

Operation of the fire department is funded by the trustees, who turn money over to the village to manage day-to-day operations.

Dettling said there were some expenses that were “tricky,” where an 82%-18% split would not work.

One example: floor mats for the buildings. Since both fire and EMS used the mats, she said the cost was billed 50% to both services.

Another example was overhead door seals. Since the paramedic unit uses one overhead door and the fire trucks use four, costs were divided that way.

Kenneth “Skip” Leupp, trustee, said over the past two years, he talked with officials from several other fire departments, and said the 82%-18% split between the two services “is where everybody else is. They’re right there.”

Brush Creek

Leupp said officials from the Fulton County Engineer Office, the village of Archbold, German Township, and the Fulton County Soil & Water Conservation District will meet Wednesday, Feb. 13, to discuss the cleaning and maintenance of Brush Creek from the Fulton-Henry county line to Co. Rd. B.

Joe Short, president of the trustees, said a recent meeting of the county regional planning commission discussed updates to the county comprehensive plan.

A meeting is scheduled for Feb. 14 to discuss blighted properties in the county, he said.

Snow Plowing

Josh King, township road superintendent, told the trustees he and Jeff Aeschliman, road maintenance worker, had been spending their time driving snowplows.

AFD truck 109 was parked in the township garage. King said it is believed the truck needs a new battery; he and Aeschliman planned to look at the vehicle on Monday.

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