Archbold, OH

Trustees, Dielman Building A Near-Perfect Match

One vacant industrial building plus one governmental entity in need of additional space equals a near-perfect match to benefit German Township and the community of Archbold.

The former Dielman Supply building, tucked away in a corner of Archbold, had been vacant for eight years. The old concrete mixing plant could have become an eyesore and deteriorated to the point that demolition was the only option.

The German Township Trustees and their employees have worked out of a former service station at the corner of St. Rts. 66 and 2 for decades. The trustees use the building to store and repair the heavy equipment they use for road maintenance.

But the old service station is too small and in poor shape. A July 2012 windstorm severely damaged the old building, exacerbating the situation.

Through the suggestion of a real estate agent, and many rounds of negotiation, the trustees were able to purchase the unused Dielman building at a reasonable price– roughly half of the original asking price.

The Dielman building will need some work, but it will make a nearperfect home for the trustees and their equipment at an affordable cost.

A vacant building will soon be bustling with activity again.

And, perhaps someday in the future, an entrepreneur with vision and motivation will turn the old German Township building into a new business place. Isn’t that a win for everyone?

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