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Troopers Honored For Saving Girl

Kidnappers Nailed

Brian Foltz

Brian Foltz

State troopers from Archbold and Fayette were among those honored for rescuing a two-yearold girl kidnapped from Illinois.

Brian Foltz, an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper from Archbold, and Rodney Bingham, OSHP trooper from Fayette, were two of four troopers from the Swanton post, along with one dispatcher, who were presented certificates of recognition by Richard H. Collins, OSHP superintendent.

“To me, I was just doing my job, but it was the traffic stop of a career,” Foltz said.

Oct. 28, 2008

OSHP received information that a vehicle involved in the abduction of a child had entered the turnpike traveling east from Indiana.

Linda Magrey, an OSHP dispatcher at the Berea district headquarters, immediately advised troopers of the situation, providing a description of the car.

In the meantime, other law enforcement agencies were tracking the suspect through signals from his cellular phone.

Foltz said that evening, he and the three other troopers were part of an escort detail for a presidential candidate.

Rodney Bingham

Rodney Bingham

Sarah Palin, Republican candidate for vice-president, was to speak in Toledo the following day.

“When the dispatcher (Magrey) gave us the information, (Jason) Lankey (an OSHP trooper) went to look for the vehicle,” Foltz said.

After the candidate’s motorcade was off the turnpike, Foltz, Bingham, and Brock Matthews, OSHP trooper, joined the search.

Lankey located the vehicle near Maumee, stopped it, and with the help of the others, took three suspects into custody.

“Our main concern was the safety of all involved,” Foltz said. “We ordered everybody out of the car, and secured the suspects.”

Foltz, who moved to Archbold that month, took custody of the girl. She sat in his patrol car to keep warm, and was later taken to a hospital for examination.

Troopers then kept her in their custody until the child’s mother arrived from Illinois to pick her up.


A later investigation revealed that one of the suspects, the child’s father, had made arrangements to leave the country with the child.

“It was terrific to reunite the daughter with her mother. Very rewarding,” Foltz said.

Foltz, a native of the Columbus area, joined the OSHP in 1998. He received a previous citation for saving a woman’s life by pulling her from a burning auto.

He also received an Ace Award for recovering five stolen vehicles and making arrests in connection with each.

Foltz received the OSHP Blue Max award for recovering the highest number of stolen autos in 2002.

Bingham also joined the patrol in 1998. He is a Fayette native.

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