Archbold, OH

Trick-Or-Treat Decision Explained

Jeff Fryman, Archbold mayor, pointed to community events and scheduling issues as the reasons he did not postpone Trick-or-Treat Night, Thursday, Oct. 31.

“Halloween is what it is. You can’t pick your weather,” Fryman told council during its Monday, Nov. 4 meeting.

The weather was chilly, windy, and wet during the village 6-7:30 pm Trick-or- Treat hours.

Weather predictions called for rain and high winds.

Fryman said, “I had people calling me at work. They wanted it cancelled.

“I understand parents really didn’t want the kids out in the rain.”

Fryman said he contacted Donna Dettling, village administrator, to discuss the decision. He said he also talked to Leo Wixom III, police chief.

Officers closed off sections of the North Pointe neighborhood to make it safer for the many trick-or-treaters who visit there.

He said Wixom told him he had all the officers scheduled, and it would be hard to change those schedules.


If Trick-or-Treat was moved to Friday, it would have conflicted with the Archbold- Wauseon football game.

If it was moved to Saturday, it would have conflicted with the AHS girls regional soccer final against Liberty- Benton.

Fryman said he knew “there’s a concern… (about) kids getting sick, it being rainy.

“At the same time, you don’t want to cancel it, and it was really going to be tough to move it. So we just let it go.”

He said he contacted Jennifer Kidder, director of Parks & Recreation. Kidder wrote a Facebook post, then sent it to Fryman, who approved it.

It was posted to the Parks & Recreation Facebook page at 9:47 am, Oct. 31.

Dettling said, “Other communities were having that debate. Nobody wanted to pull the trigger.”

“The only community locally that I knew that switched was Ridgeville,” Fryman said.

“I had texts from all the mayors, and no Fulton County mayor changed the time. They let it go on Thursday night.”


One Trick-or-Treat option was to visit the Fairlawn Haven Care Center.

“We had lots of kids,” said Mari Yoder, Fairlawn director of development.

She said youngsters were lined up out the front door for a chance to seek candy from about 40 residents.

The estimated crowd of about 100 kids cleaned out the Fairlawn supply of candy, Yoder said.

“The residents loved it,” she said.

Fairlawn officials are looking at repeating Trickor Treat next year.

During the council meeting, Vaughn Bentz, councilman, said when he was a kid, “We used to have to trick-ortreat uphill, both ways.”