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Tragedy In Putnam County

Northwest Ohio was shocked to learn two Ottawa brothers, ages 14 and 17, were found dead.

It was more shocking when a third boy, 17, was charged with two counts of murder.

The community of Ottawa is surely suffering over the tragedy. Two young, innocent lives lost. The third boy may be tried as an adult and faced with the awful prospect of life in prison.

How can such a tragedy happen in a rural community in a town about the size of Archbold, whose high school teams often play against our own?

The alleged killer may give his reasons, but it will never explain why two brothers had to die.

Archbold was faced with those same kinds of questions in the first few weeks of 2012, when four teens, three from Archbold and one from Wauseon, died.

Two lost their lives in auto-related accidents. A third was killed in an accidental shooting. A fourth took her own life.

It seems there never are clear answers. Who can explain why on a particular day, at a particular time, someone is killed.

Ottawa will recover, but will never forget the events of May 9.

Just as Archbold won’t forget Jazzmine M. Jones-Caldwell, Michael J. Schwartz, Joshua W. Stanford, and Anthony W. McCoy.

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