Archbold, OH

Tradition Worth Reviving

Blue Star and Gold Star banners, symbols of loved ones serving their country or who were lost while serving, is a tradition worth reviving.

It is too easy for Americans to go about their daily lives and forget that American men and women are standing watch in far-off lands, protecting freedoms we take for granted, freedoms other nations want to destroy.

The simple red and white banners with a blue star serve as a reminder that those who protect our freedoms are not just nameless, faceless strangers. They are friends, family, and neighbors, who chose to put on the uniform of an American soldier.

Banners with a gold star tell us a loved one died while wearing the uniform and protecting our country.

While the rest of us whine that our taxes are too high and complain about the government, a gold star banner states boldly that a father, mother, son, or daughter paid the highest price possible for our right to whine and complain.

You may not agree with the war, or the government policies that have sent our soldiers overseas. That is your right as an American.

But we should all support the brave men and women who are giving or have given their lives in service to our country.

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