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Top 25 Bible Quizzers

The top 25 Bible Quizzers for the 2010 Bible Quiz season, which included 17 matches, are,



front row from left:
Melissa Kinkaid, scoring 545, and Hope Nofziger, 530, Lockport; Katie Yoder, 545, Zion; Jessica Hoffman, 555, Sonrise; Aaron Zimmerman, 440, Zion. Second

Ryan King, 490, Lockport; Shelby Miller, 475, West Clinton; April Short, 545, and Alexis Stamm, 555, Sand Ridge. Third
Paul Schoenhals, 595, and Elise Sauder, 420, Central; Sarah Aeschliman, 415, West Clinton; Ciara Caldwell, 595, Poplar Ridge; Jacob Hoffman, 445, and Kasen Culler, 515, Sonrise. Back row:
Tony King, 495, West Clinton; Jacque Seigneur, 560, North Clinton; Wesley Short, 520, Lockport; Caleb McQuillin, 565, Central; Eliot Nofziger, 595, Lockport; Tiannah Sheets, 595, Poplar Ridge; Jacob Karnes, 505, Sonrise; Whitney Stamm, 595, Sand Ridge; Seth Nofziger, 580, Lockport; and Collin Stamm, 580, Sand Ridge. Kinkaid, H. Nofziger, Yoder, Jessica Hoffman, Zimmerman, R. King, Jacob Hoffman, and T. King, are

all first-year quizzers. – courtesy photo

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