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Toledo Pays Jail Operations Bill, Skips Reserve Fund Payment

All six jurisdictions made their first-quarter payments to the Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio for operation of the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

The 638-bed regional jail has been the center of controversy for some months. Lucas County announced it intended to leave the Commission membership, and the city of Toledo attempted to force Lucas County to pay for the jail stays of many inmates arrested in the city.

As a result, Toledo was late with its fourth-quarter payment to CCNO, forcing CCNO officials to consider possibly closing portions of the facility.

No Special Reserve

While Toledo did pay its share of the operating costs, it did not pay its share toward a special reserve fund.

The fund is intended to protect CCNO in case Toledo and Lucas County pull out of the Commission.

It would be used to cover unexpected emergency costs, including unemployment, retirement benefits, sick pay, and severance.

The Commission voted to increase the reserve fund from $600,000 to $850,000 in December 2015. Payments to the fund are based on the number of beds allotted to each jurisdiction.

Toledo’s first-quarter payment to the special reserve fund is $22,335; Fulton County’s is about $5,250.

Linda Shambarger, director of inmate services at CCNO, said the six entities that participate in CCNO– Toledo, Lucas County, and the four rural counties of Fulton, Defiance, Henry, and Williams– are each invoiced separately for the special reserve payments.

She said the CCNO fiscal manager sent an email message to Toledo officials, reminding their payment is past due.

Shambarger said another bill will be sent.

Eachjurisdiction’spayment for first quarter was Toledo, $1,650,976.17; Lucas County, $1,468,002.31; Defiance County, $433,178.10; Williams County, $397,773.74; Fulton County, $395,944.75; Henry County, $267,214.97.

Shambarger noted Fulton County was four days late in making its payment.

Toni Schindler, director of marketing and communications for the Fulton County commissioners, said, “There was no concerning issue with the payment from our end. It just got processed a little later than normal.”

Other Actions

The Corrections Commission was updated on the payment situation during its Wednesday, Feb. 24 meeting.

Board members were told the December population at CCNO stood at 551 inmates, or 86% of capacity, slightly higher than other years at the same time.

January population was 576, or 90% of capacity.

The Commission met in executive session to discuss pending litigation for about 36 minutes. No action resulted from the closed-door session.

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