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Tips To Help Create A Harmonious Closet

Designate specific areas inside the closet for each person.

Designate specific areas inside the closet for each person.

Cohabitation means sharing your home, your stuff– and even your closet space.

One easy way to minimize conflict in a relationship is to create a harmonious closet– where his and her stuff can peacefully coexist.

Start out by evaluating your current closet configuration. When merging closet contents, don’t assume that everything will fit.

First, take an inventory of what you already have. Remember, you wear 20 percent of your clothes 80 percent of the time.

So sort through your wardrobe, creating piles to keep, donate and discard.

Cleaning out rarely used items will create more storage space for both of you.

Next, designate specific areas inside the closet for each person; that way, he has room to store his sports memorabilia and she has room for all those shoes.

Here are some other useful suggestions on how to organize a closet.

For Her:

•A center tower of shelving, wire baskets or pull-out drawers can hold frequently used items and keep personal items like jewelry and perfume within arm’s reach.

•Artfully display handbags on shelves near other accessories.

•Ample shoe shelving makes it easy to find those go-with-anything black heels or running shoes for a morning workout.

For Him:

•Maximize space with double- hang rods for shirts, dress pants and suit jackets.

•Consider a pull-out canvas hamper to keep dirty clothes out of the way.

•Tie and belt racks make it easy to find accessories that create a polished, professional look.

For Both:

•Install shelving for folded sweaters, shirts, jeans and pants.

•Top shelving above the highest hanging rod can be used to store seasonal clothing, photo albums, luggage and any extra guest pillows or blankets.

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