Archbold, OH

Time To Mow Terraces on South Defiance Street

Archbold was blessed earlier this summer with the repaving of South Defiance Street. It was finished quickly, with little disruption to community life.

The project started in early June, and was finished before the month was out.

Traffic was never rerouted or detoured. Careful planning by engineers and workers allowed vital commerce of trucks and cars through the construction area. Road workers were courteous and helpful for safe passage.

Now, there is a new, smooth pavement, well-marked and a joy to traverse in any type of vehicle. It’s a beautiful improvement to our beautiful village.

The experience is made even more pleasurable by the knowledge that most of the cost was paid by an American Reinvestment & Recovery Act grant.

But the weeds are growing over a foot tall along the South Defi- ance Street terraces. It’s not government’s job to mow and maintain those areas; it’s the responsibility of those who own the properties. That includes owner-occupied houses and rental properties.

Defiance Street is the face of Archbold. It must be maintained to a high level. Travelers passing through want to see and enjoy a well-kept town, rather than some weed-choked dump.

It’s past time, property owners. Get on the ball and do your job.

No excuses.

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