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Tiger Has Another Chance

America is the land of choices and chances: one, two, three, or more. Millions of immigrants came here for that opportunity.

Tiger Woods will get a second chance because people like him, he’s American, and a great celebrity athlete.

Is the public prepared to see him go on? His personal life, like yours, is private.

He was marketed to Americans as common as your grandma and her apple pie, and as wholesome as pure milk.

He is a multimillion dollar corporation. He is the face of many common product endorsements.

Americans love celebrity, because it allows unlimited opportunity.

Isn’t it interesting his reputation came crumbling down with one telephone call? His Superman status lost its cape. He is now just another feeble Clark Kent and like the rest of the human race.

He had a big public fall from grace, and America sees him differently.

Tiger is not a perfect person to be idolized. He has many faults. But he’s still a great athlete and can play golf well. And who doesn’t like that?

He will take another swing in the famous Masters tournament and the world will continue watching his every move.

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