Archbold, OH

Three School Administrators Get Pay Raises

Michelle Bagrowski, Allan Gladieux, and Dorothy Lambert, Archbold Area School District administrators, each received 2.25% pay raises during the Monday, Sept. 21, Archbold Area School Board meeting.

The remaining five school administrators received no pay raise.

Scott Miller, school board president, said all the administrators had done excellent work with reduced budgets and changing state requirements.

Miller said it is important for the board to recognize the administrators’ efforts.

However, due to the downturn in the economy and the school district’s continuing budget problems, the board decided not to give raises to most of the administrators.

Miller said Bagrowski, the school curriculum director; Gladieux, Archbold High School athletic director; and Lambert, elementary school principal, received raises because their salaries were well below that paid to those who do similar jobs in similar school districts.

“We were trying to bring them into a range with their peer group,” he said.

“This moves them closer to the middle” of the range of salaries, he said.

Who Gets What

Lambert, the highest paid member of the trio, will see her salary increase from $71,900 for 2008-09 to $73,517.75 for 2009- 10, a hike of $1,617.75.

Gladieux earned $59,000 in 2008-09; his new salary is $60,327.50, an increase of $1,327.50.

Bagrowski’s gross income increases from $56,375 to $57,643.44, a raise of $1,268.44.

Miller said the pay hikes are retroactive to July 1, 2009, when each administrator’s new contract with the school district started.

The board usually adjusts administrator salaries in the spring. This year, the board postponed the issue for several months because of the uncertain future of school funding from the State of Ohio.


In February 2008, following months of negotiations beginning in 2007, the board and the Archbold Education Association agreed to a 2% hike in teacher base pay for 2008-09. The cost of their health insurance increased 2%.

The AEA represents the teachers in contract talks with the school board.

For 2009-10, the two sides agreed to a 2.5% base pay hike for the teachers. Teachers can receive a step increase for completing an additional year of service. A rise in base pay raises all teachers’ pay.

Salaries for other administrators: David Deskins, superintendent, $98,500; Christine Ziegler, treasurer, $67,500; Tim Meister, high school principal, $84,500; Mike Pressler, middle school principal, $87,706; Shannon Sorosiak, school psychologist, $32,044.

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