Archbold, OH

Threats, Harassment Cases Reported To APD

Incidents involving threats and telephone harassment were recently reported to Archbold police.

Megan Blosser, 27, 100 Bankey Avenue, Archbold, told police she received unwanted text messages on the morning of Friday, June 15, from a person who had been previously advised not to contact her.

Police are investigating.


Drew Ginn, 19, 109 Quail Run, told police on Sunday, June 17, when he arrived at home at 9:45 pm, he was met outside his front door by a person who threatened to beat him.

Ginn advised the person what he had heard was false, but that only made the person more angry. The person left after about 15 minutes.

Ginn told officers he did not want to file charges, but did want the incident documented in a police report.


Stacy Martin, 29, East Gardens, told police on Tuesday, June 19, she had received several unwanted text messages and phone calls.

Police attempted to contact the suspect making the calls, but received no answer.

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