Archbold, OH

Think About Safety At All Times

Propane gas tanks. Since the development of the gas grill, those squat little metal bottles have become practically ubiquitous. Every home with a gas grill has at least one.

We think they are great, until we discover the tank is empty. Then we trudge it to the store to be refilled or exchanged for another.

The potential of mishandled propane was dramatically demonstrated Monday, June 23, when an historic old house in Wauseon was blown apart by an explosion.

While officially undetermined, Rick Sluder, Wauseon Fire Department chief, pointed to a mishandled propane tank as the cause.

The homeowner said he was “cutting into a propane tank” just like the ones most homeowners use.

While you may not try to cut into a propane tank, there are still some common sense safety measures you need to employ.

A quick search of the Internet reveals all kinds of safety tips, such as: store propane tanks outside. Always keep them vertical. Don’t store them near sources of ignition, such as furnace pilot lights. Replace old, cracked hoses that connect the tank to the grill.

There are a wide variety of things in the home that we use everyday. Some of them are dangerous, and deadly, if not used properly.

Use good sense and think about safety. It could save lots of misery.

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