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Theft Of Flag Holders, Medallions From Cemetery Incredibly Disrespectful

Under the category of “Is Nothing Sacred?” comes news that bronze flag holders and markers were recently stolen from the Wauseon Union Cemetery.

The markers are made of bronze. They are comprised of rods that hold an American flag and an emblem or medallion. When placed next to a grave, the medallion designates the site as the final resting place of a veteran of the armed forces of the United States, and the conflict in which the veteran fought.

They are a way of honoring those who gave up part of their lives, and in some cases, life itself, in service to our country.

They say to those who visit the cemetery, “Remember these men and women, for only through their sacrifice do you enjoy today’s freedom.”

There will be those who will try to explain or excuse the thefts, saying that when times are tough, people will do anything to feed their families.

That excuse must be rejected. There are ways to feed a family without desecrating the graves of heroes.

We urge the law enforcement community to pursue the thief or thieves with utmost vigor.

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