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The World Believes In G.I. Joe

While America’s economy stumbles along in difficult times, searching for its 21st Century path, it’s important to remember some very important facts.

Joe Scarborough, a cable television commentator, said despite America’s problems, people around the world will do anything, including risking their lives, to come to America.

They make dangerous overland treks through the desert, or live and hide in shipping containers for days at a time, for the chance to live and work in America.

During the Cold War days, East Germany built a wall to keep its people in. Our country is considering a wall to keep illegal immigrants out.

G.I. Joe, the citizen soldier, makes this possible. They protect Americans, and others who live under deathly, unfair governments.

American servicemen and women have traveled around the globe to protect our freedoms and way of life. Their efforts preserve the incredible freedoms and limitless opportunities we enjoy.

Veterans Day is Tuesday, Nov. 11. It is the one day each year we honor armed forces men and veterans for their service, and ultimate sacrifice.

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