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The Public Has A Right To Read The Mueller Report

Conservatives and liberals agree on few things, but both sides are in agreement on at least one.

The results of the investigation conducted by Robert Mueller must be made public.

The report on Mueller’s 22-month probe into the allegations of cooperation between Russia and Donald Trump, U.S. president, and his campaign officials was turned over to the Department of Justice on Friday, March 22.

So far, all we have seen of that probe is three pages of summary from William Barr, U.S. attorney general.

There are many reasons to release the report, but at the most basic, elemental level, American taxpayers paid for this report. American taxpayers have the right to know what is in the report. American taxpayers should be able to read the report for themselves, not depend on some talking heads in the national media to interpret it and produce conflicting opinions.

So far, there has been no discussion of the cost of the report, but we know it is substantial.

The report needs to be made public to avoid any hint of a conspiracy to cover up anything in its pages. The sooner the report is out, the sooner we can read it for ourselves, evaluate its findings, and move forward.

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