Archbold, OH

The Need For Clear Communication

A misconception, possibly a miscommunication, or even a misquote caused a minor flap that could have become a major kerfuffle recently.

A comment in the minutes of a Fulton County commissioners meeting stated that the cost for a new water treatment plant for Archbold and Wauseon would be $60 to $70 million.

This caught the eye of Archbold officials, who were not aware that anyone was planning a new plant for the two towns. They found this particularly alarming, since the current plant has a massive amount of excess, unused capacity.

Further, Archbold has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep the plant up to date.

The last thing Archbold needs is a new water treatment plant.

Jim Wyse, mayor, pointed this out, with some emphasis, during his State of the Village address.

Fortunately, Perry Rupp, a commissioner, was in attendance and was able to point out the quote was simply a “misconception.”

This is a blatant example of a need for better communication between the commissioners office and Archbold, and all other county communities.

More joint meetings. More interaction between offices. More emails. More phone calls.

Everyone is busy, but a quick phone call might have saved a lot of consternation.

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