The Archbold Buckeye Turns 118!

For years, pundits, industry experts, and general know-it-alls have said the same thing over and over again.

Print is dead, they say.

With this week’s issue, the Archbold Buckeye starts its 118th year of publication. If you’re reading these words, you can attest, like the hundreds of other people who subscribe to and buy the Buckeye on newsstands and online, that print is not dead. Far from it.

We have changed with the times. We do things differently than we did 118 years ago, when W.O. Taylor started the paper in 1905, or 50 years ago, or even five years ago. Our paper is available digitally, on the Internet. We use more color. We’ve changed some of our writing styles.

But we continue to do one thing the same way we always have. We continue to cover the news of Archbold, Pettisville, and Ridgeville Corners. We don’t cover national news unless there’s a local connection. We’re all about local: local owners, local employees, local production, local news. There are fewer and fewer community-based independent local newspapers; many have been taken over by large conglomerates, or just closed. In fact, the Buckeye is the last surviving community newspaper that is based in Fulton County.

We invite you to come along as we make our way through another year of reporting local news. We’ll spell it all out for you here. Be informed… read the Archbold Buckeye.