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Thanks, Tom

For Northwest State Community College, Tom Stuckey was the right man at the right time to become its president in 2007.

For close to a decade, he has steered NSCC through happy and difficult times, all with the same bright, positive personality he brought to the job many years ago.

Stuckey didn’t enter the room in the best of circumstances. He replaced Betty Young, who held the post for four years prior. Young’s tenure as NSCC president could best be described as “challenging.” She pushed the college to do new things in new ways. Sometimes they worked; sometimes they didn’t. Young ended up becoming a polarizing factor. When she left after her tenure, right or wrong, many said good riddance.

Stuckey brought a new attitude to the presidency, and it went a long way toward healing the wounds.

That’s not to say everything has been roses at the college. Contract negotiations between the NSCC Board of Trustees and the college staff turned sour. Handing over the human resources department to the University of Toledo wasn’t successful.

Now the college is in the midst of a budget battle, being forced to find ways to slash close to $1 million from expenses.

Stuckey has decided now is the time to start the process of retirement. He will retire by June 30, 2018, but if a new president is ready prior to that date, he is willing to step down earlier.

We hope whoever replaces him will fit just as well into the fabric of NSCC.

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