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Terraces: Please Do Your Part

There was good news last week. It was learned that the South Defiance Street terraces, disturbed by repaving the street this year, will be reseeded at no cost to the village.

A hot summer and poor rainfall caused the grass seed planted earlier this summer to fail, but it wasn’t enough to stop the weeds, which thrived in the hot, dry conditions. For a period of time, there were three-foot-tall fescue grasses growing along the curb.

Smith Paving & Excavating, of Norwalk, agreed to redo the work. The restoration is part of the contract with the village.

However, those who live along South Defiance Street should do their part as well. Even though the village owns and has right-of-way access to all terraces, property owners must maintain them.

That includes mowing and watering to help the new grass get a good start.

Attractive homes and well-kept property add greatly to the value of neighborhoods in the village and township. They make a good impression and encourage visitors and people who want to buy property here.

Village ordinances and township zoning enforcement are good for everyone.

Isn’t it fitting and proper for citizens to take part in maintaining a beautiful village and township?

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