Archbold, OH

Telephone Harassment

Two complaints of telephone harassment were filed with Archbold police recently.

A 13-year-old Archbold girl told police on Sunday, Jan. 8, that she was receiving anonymous text messages, referencing people she knows and where the people live. She did not recognize the number.

Officers attempted to call the number, but it was unavailable.

Police are investigating.

A representative of the Archbold Medical Group reported Thursday, Jan. 12, that a person who was unhappy with a doctor’s decision contacted the medical group, and made a comment that could be construed as a threat.

An APD officer made contact with the person, who stated he would not contact the victim again.

In a related matter, Margie

Sanders, 61, 208 N. Lincoln St. Apt. B, told police on Monday, Jan. 9, she received information from someone, possibly concerning her fi- nances.

The police report indicates the officer contacted them and advised the person to leave Sanders alone.

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