Archbold, OH

Telephone Harassment Cases Reported

Three cases of telephone harassment were recently reported to Archbold police.

Lynne M. Nofziger, 49, West Unity, told police on Tuesday, Jan. 28, she had been receiving unwanted phone messages and wanted them to stop.

Officers spoke to the person, who said he would stop making calls and would stay away from Nofziger’s place of employment in Archbold.

Raymond W. Birtcher, 31, Archbold, told police on Wednesday, Jan. 30, he had been receiving harassing text messages. Birtcher told officers he would like the messages to stop.

An officer spoke with a suspect in the case. That person said the calls would stop.

Rodney J. Bunce, 22, East Gardens, reported Thursday, Jan. 31, he has been receiving unwanted text messages, which he wanted stopped.

Officers spoke to the person, who was told to only contact Bunce through an attorney. The person stated she would obey.

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